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The primary focus is on providing exceptional value to customers who wish to sell their gold.

Rate4Gold is a reputable company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, specializing in gold buying, selling, and loan services. With a strong presence in the gold industry for the past 20 years, Rate4Gold has established itself as a customer-friendly and reliable organization.

What we do

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In addition to gold buying and selling, Rate4Gold offers gold loan services.

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Years of experience

why rate4gold

Our core values revolve around customer satisfaction and trust.

By providing personalized service, competitive pricing, and efficient processes, Rate4Gold has built a strong reputation in the gold industry in Tamil Nadu.

5L+ Customers

Best Market Rates

We guarantee the most competitive rates.

Transparency Comes First

Honest evaluations, clear communication.

Swift, Seamless Process

Streamlined procedures for quick payouts.

Personalized loans

We offer personalized loans to cater to your specific needs.

We provide a seamless platform for selling gold jewelry. Committed to fair pricing & accurate evaluation, we offer competitive rates customers can trust.

Rate4Gold not only buys gold but also offers a diverse range of high-quality gold products, including jewelry, coins, and bullion, all available at competitive prices.

Recognizing the urgency of financial needs, we provide same-day funding. Customers can swiftly access funds against their gold assets.

Unlock financial flexibility with Rate4Gold's repledge service, where your gold assets become collateral for quick and convenient loans.

Our testimonials

Turn stories into success with our testimonials.

Turning Stories into Success, Trusted Gold Services

The team at Rate4Gold are genuinely nice people. We are extremely satisfied with their dealings, services, and I truly appreciate their honesty. I highly recommend doing business with them.



The staff here is exceptionally helpful in ensuring our comfort with our preferences. It’s the ideal place for anyone seeking the precise value of gold. Outstanding service. I wish them continued success.



This establishment ensures precise gold valuation, conducts transparent melting processes, charges reasonable processing fees, and serves as a dependable destination for all your gold-related requirements.



Frequently asked questions

FAQs on Buying, Selling, Loans - Transparent, Fair, Trusted Service.

What is today's Gold Rate?

Gold price will depend on the daily market price and purity of your gold. Please walk into our nearest branch and check the purity of the gold. We do not charge anything extra for this service.

What you should know when you want sell Gold?

If you are looking to sell your gold, you should select a buyer who is fulfilling following things. Business Expertise, Certified Buyer, Transparent & Simplified Work Process.

How the Gold Buyers Calculate the Value of Gold?

There are different factors while calculating the value. Weight, Purity, Market Status.

What is the difference between 22 and 24 Karat Gold?

The value of gold is measured by its purity which is denoted in karat (k) or carat (Ct). Higher karat signifies higher gold purity. Among Indians, 22K and 24K gold is quite a popular choice. either 22 Carat or 18 Carat gold.

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